Red Carpet Styling Hacks You Can Use for Nip Slips and Stains IRL

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We may not have the Oscars and film premieres to attend, but we do have black-tie weddings, cocktail soirees and champagne-fueled birthday parties to RSVP yes to this season — complete with the arm candy, dress and accessories. However, fashion emergencies can arise at said events (think: nip slips, sweat stains and errant zippers and buttons), so we asked celebrity stylist Zerina Akers (below), who has worked with Beyoncé, to give Us her top tips for getting out of sticky situations.

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Us: What’s your number-one styling hack?

ZA: Keep a couple pieces of double-stick tape in your purse, whether it’s to secure bra straps or prevent your v-neck from slipping. It can even help a satin shirt stay put, which is a huge trend this season. The key is to place the tape as close to the edge as possible. If it’s, say, a loose, blousy, satin shirt you’re wearing, place the fabric so it falls naturally, then press the tape onto skin. Tape can also be used to repair a broken button … there are so many different things you can do with it.

Us: You can use it to fix a loose button?

ZA: Yes, you could tape the button back on or just tape the blouse closed. Another big thing I love to have on hand is clear nail polish, because you can fix a zipper with it. When you have a zipper that separates from the track, you brush on one coat along the track and that helps give some grip.

Us: What’s the best way to prevent sweat stains in the summer?

ZA: Before, I would constantly have to keep old dryer sheets or special wipes to try and get stains out. But now with Dove’s Invisible Dry Spray, I don’t have to worry about that. It’s awesome. I love the can. It fits perfectly in my kit. The fact that it leaves no white marks on a hundred colors is awesome and it goes on dry as well. You don’t have to do the chicken dance, wait for it to dry. It’s the perfect thing to have on-the-go.

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Us: I’m constantly in heels for hours at formal events. How can I prevent my feet from blistering?

ZA: Moleskin. It’s just like a soft fabric with tape on the back. You can buy it at any drugstore. You put it on the back of your shoes to prevent blisters. If you’re wearing hats in the summer, it saves you from getting deep lines on your forehead, too.

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