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Rosanna Arquette: What’s in My Bag?

Rosanna Arquette
Rosanna Arquette Sara De Boer/

Rosanna Arquette keeps her loved ones near and dear. “I always carry something from Alexis,” the star of YouTube Premium’s Sideswiped tells Us of her late sister. “She loved and collected little troll dolls and things like that.”

The actress, 58, wed to Todd Morgan, shares more of her special tokens with Us.

Happy Feet
“I like Birkenstocks. I don’t care if they’re not fashionable. I bronzed my mom’s [Brenda Denaut] when she died. I figured out why she was wearing them. They’re so comfortable!”

Just Beat It
“I was at an African drumming class and they gave me a keychain. It’s a real little drum, which is so fun!”

Rosanna Arquette's bag
Rosanna Arquette’s bag Shana Novak

Favorite Shop
“I carry a Glacce water bottle with crystals in it from Goop. I have it in a black sleeve because I’ve broken two already, but I love them. I also love the psychic vampire repellent from Goop. It’s great to have if you have grumpy travelers with you since it wards off bad energy.”

Bang for the Buck
“I always buy my Smythson planner, which I use as a journal, midyear because they’re so much cheaper!”

Rising Up
“I’m reading Mary Beard’s Women & Power. With our current political climate, it helps me feel empowered.”

What else is inside Arquette’s Out of Print Alice in Wonderland tote? A black Valentino wallet; an iPad Mini; an iPhone X; an iPhone charger; Apple Ear Buds; Stella McCartney Orange Ultraboost X Sneakers; a black cashmere shawl; The Despair of Monkeys and Other Trifles: A Memoir by Françoise Hardy; a black makeup pouch; a Rescue Remedy Stress Relief Drops; Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Tinted Moisturizing Face Sunscreen; Amma’s Rose Perfume Oil; a Sisley Paris Eyebrow Pencil; a Clé de Peau Eye Contour Balm; a Chanel mascara; a Baar Rose Water Floral Spray; an Isun oil for her face; Maybelline mascara; a W3LL People mascara; a Bergdorf Goodman card; an AMEX; an Alaska Airlines Visa; an ACLU card; Eden’s Spicy Pumpkin Seeds and Emergen-C.

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