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#Stylecrush Q&A: Mandy Moore on How Her Look — And Life — Relates to This Is Us

Stylish: Can we fangirl out for a minute? Tell us about This Is Us — how much do you love this experience?

Moore: I am blown away every day. Just by the response and the reaction and the fact that it means so much to all of us who are creating it. It seems to be resonating on the same level with people out in the world. That just never happens, you know. I’m very grateful.

Stylish: And the style is so awesome. Are you loving wearing all of Rebecca’s ‘70s clothes?

Moore: Yeah, anything from the ’70s for sure. The ‘80s are not as fun. I’m a mom to 8-year-olds, so I don’t get to take as many risks. She’s a little more free-spirited and bohemian pre-children, so that’s fun. Our designer Hala [Bahmet] just makes these dresses from scratch. These beautiful jazzy, ‘40s-inspired dresses, it’s so much fun.

Stylish: Was there one particular look that stood out for you?

Moore: There is a dress in the finale. It’s blue sequins. It’s this deep-v, almost-to-the-floor blue sequin slinky dress that I wear to a performance. I was just like, “Can I wear this to an event? Is that OK, Hala? Can I steal it?” It was so cool.

Stylish: How is your personal style influenced by Rebecca?

Moore: I don’t know if the fashion choices that I make are on par, except that maybe the wisdom and freespiritedness that comes with age and time. Not taking yourself so seriously. I think I maybe have that more in common with her as she ages through the decades.

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Stylish: What’s your favorite This Is Us moment from this season?

Moore: Hard to choose, that’s tough. Any time I get to work with Milo [Ventimiglia] and the kids is so much fun. The 8-year-olds. Yeah, I like Rebecca in ’88. That’s so much fun. That’s where we’re the most settled and peaceful and life is on the right trajectory.

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