Watch This Couple Attempt to Put On 100 Layers of Clothing

Relationship goals! YouTubers De’arra and Ken just topped every other 100-layer challenge out there. The couple decided to wrap themselves in multiple layers of clothing for their 1,300,000-plus subscribers.

De’arra and Ken, who met at Chipotle in 2014, started off innocently enough: De’arra wore a sleeveless hoodie, destroyed denim shorts and a choker, while Ken donned a long-sleeved henley and khakis. The duo became winded by the tenth layer, and their bodies were already noticeably bulkier.

One layer of clothing. De'arra & Ken/Youtube

Although Ken joked that he looked more muscular, De’arra found the prospect of piling on an additional 90 layers daunting. By the twentieth layer, the couple had broken out colder weather wear like sweatshirts and heavier pants. 

Twenty layers of clothing. De'arra & Ken/Youtube

Even though they complained that they were hot, the twosome continued with their challenge. They pulled on crop tops, baseball jerseys, Hawaiian-style shirts, shorts, and anything else imaginable. By the 36th layer, De’arra couldn’t fit into a bright yellow Polo shirt without Ken’s help. And Ken had so many shirts on his torso that his veins popped out. 

Forty layers of clothing. De'arra & Ken/Youtube

When the vloggers weren’t able to move their arms anymore, they chose to stop at 50 layers “I can’t move, I can’t breathe,” De’arra griped. They weren’t ashamed of not making their mark, though. “We tried, we failed. Believe me, it’s not easy,” Ken added.

Fifty layers of clothing. De'arra & Ken/Youtube

Believe it or not, De’arra and Ken aren’t the only ones who’ve taken part in crazy challenges like these. Cristine, a Canadian nail artist, kicked off the wacky #polishmountain social media trend by painting her fingers with 116 coats of nail polish in June. Josefin Lillakas, a Swedish vlogger, applied 100 layers of foundation and 100 coats of mascara in separate videos. Denizens of the Internet have followed suit with even weirder videos, like wrapping themselves in blankets of duct tape or slicking coats of Elmer’s glue on their faces.

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