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Katie Lowes: What’s In My Bag?

WIMB Katie Lowes
Michael Pirrocco

“I’m a total Virgo, so my bag is disgustingly organized,” admits Katie Lowes, 32, the star of ABC’s Scandal (Thursdays at 9 P.M). “And I’m way overprepared with Advil, lip balm, and tea for my throat. I’m proud of it!” The native of NYC’s Queens, wed to actor Adam Shapiro, 34, let Us comb through her Waltzing Matilda purse.

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Crimson Guard

“My grandmother’s very superstitious and says, ‘Everyone needs something to ward off evil!’ So for my 30th birthday, [former Scandal costar] Liza Weil gave me a red Il Bisonte wallet. I can fill 8 million things in it. I’m obsessed.”

Hunger Games

“I always have a fruit and Nut Delight Kind bar on me. I need to eat every three hours, or I get mean.”

Shades of Distress
“When I’m going out and I realize, Oh, crap, I have no makeup on, I swipe on Tarte lipstick. I’m so into a hot pink matte one called Foxy. If you’re a mess, suddenly hot pink lipstick makes everything OK.”

What a Charge

“I use a Mophie case on my iPhone 5s. On Thursdays, I live-tweet during Scandal so I can’t have my battery at 10 percent.”

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P.S. I Love You
“My husband is the cutest. He leaves notes in my bag that say things like KICK ASS TODAY! It reminds me of the Sex and the City episode where Carrie gets broken up with on a Post-It, but the opposite!”

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