Get Younger Looking Eyes Now

Credit: Mike Marsland/

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but it's pretty hard to close yours off to aging, especially when one of the biggest causes of fine lines is smiling. Other factors that contribute to crow’s feet and dark circles:  natural loss of collagen over the years, as well as sun exposure.

Being that the skin around the eye area is much more delicate than the rest of your face, you'll need to adopt a special, targeted regimen to keep your eyes looking flawless like 39-year-old Thandie Newton.

Start erasing the years in the morning by using a cream that contains brightening vitamin K. Be sure to pat it on gently using your ring finger as opposed to rubbing it in since tugging can loosen up the skin over time. Then, follow-up at night with a serum that has retinol to stimulate collagen production.

"Skin is in renewal mode at night, so retinol works more effectively," says New York-based dermatologist Jeanette Graf.