Nicki Minaj's Craziest Hairstyles Ever!

Celebrity Beauty Dec. 8, 2011 AT 12:25PM
Nicki Minaj's Craziest Hairstyles Ever! Credit: Steve Granitz/; Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj is quite the hair chameleon!

In honor of the hip-hop star's 29th birthday, Us Weekly has compiled Minaj's craziest, most colorful looks of all time. From her cotton candy inspired wig to her hair-raising look at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, Minaj has never shied away from the spotlight.


What inspires the "Super Bass" rapper to wear such over-the-top looks?

"I'm definitely playing a role. I'm an entertainer, and that's what entertainers do," she told BlackBook earlier this year.

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"When I started doing all that weird stuff, I never thought in a million years that it would mean more people would start listening to my music. It was basically a 'f-ck you' to everyone who told me what to do and who to be."

To see more of Minaj's wild and wacky wigs, check out the Nicki Minaj's Craziest Hairstyles Ever gallery.

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