Reza Farahan Shaves Off Mustache: Before and After Pictures of Shahs of Sunset Star

Say "Sayonara" to the stache! Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan allowed Bethenny Frankel to shave off his trademark mustache on Wednesday, Dec. 18 in a pre-taped episode of Bethenny.

"I was very nervous," the reality star, 39, told Us Weekly exclusively about the makeover. "Bethenny is a very sweet, nice, white lady who shaves her white hairs and is not used to angry Persian hairs. I don't think she realized how strong my hair is and I was worried she would take my upper lip off!" Farahan admitted as he recalled his big moment.


Back in November, the Bravo star stopped by Frankel's show and shook hands on an agreement that he would allow her to shave his mustache off. "I'm gonna do like an Oprah, Dr. Phil moment, where I'm gonna come on the show and I'm gonna let you shave it," said the Iranian-born real estate agent. "Maybe we'll shave it off for some charity or something," she then suggested.

On Wednesday's episode, Frankel, dressed in a white barber coat and armed with a Remington shaver, welcomed Farahan back to her studio as he took a seat in a barbershop chair, wearing a grooming cape.

"It's a new year, new look, just a fresh perspective on life," said Frankel as she coaxed him into letting his 2013 look go. As she slowly started shaving his upper lip, Farahan sealed his lips shut and gripped a saucer below his chin to collect the remains of his whiskers. 

The openly gay reality star, who was last without a mustache "3 to 4 years ago," told Us ditching it was "very scary initially." However, there was one important person in his life who liked the makeover: his boyfriend! "I texted him a picture and he said, 'Oh, you look really handsome,'" he shared.

What does Farahan think of the smooth new look, though? "I kinda didn’t recognize myself, and it was kinda jarring. I didn’t know what I was looking at."

Rest assured, he plans to grow back the stache. "I am just more comfortable with it," he added. "I feel lonely, like my wingman is gone." 

Following through on her promise, Frankel donated $10,000 to Farahan's charity of choice, Project Angel Food, a Los Angeles-based organization that provides free meals for adults and children affected by life-threatening illnesses. "It really just made my day and I know the money will go to good use -- every cent of it."

Watch the full episode on Bethenny airing Jan. 10. Shahs of Sunset airs Tuesday nights on Bravo.