Get Toned Thighs Like Ricki Lake!

Celebrity Body Dec. 6, 2011 AT 6:11PM

Ricki Lake shaped up during her time on Dancing With the Stars -- and so far, she's kept it off!

That's because the 43-year-old talk show host uses the Bar Method, which burns fat and elongates muscles.

VIDEO: How Ricki lost 20 pounds

Bar Method SoHo owner Kristin Kelleher recently invited Us Weekly to her New York City studio where she demonstrated a thigh exercise called the "parallel thigh."

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"It is designed to elongate, narrow and tone your quads," Kelleher explained. "Because we're working a large muscle group, you will also burn a lot of fat and calories."

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Advised Kelleher: "Do this method along with other bar method exercises three to five times a week to achieve fast results."

For more Bar Method fitness tips, watch the video (above) now!

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