Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Secret? A "Chubby Buddy!"

Credit: Alexandra Wyman©Berliner Studio/BEImages

We all need somebody to lean on. For Kirstie Alley, it's her "Chubby Buddy" Jim.

Alley, who recently told Ladies' Home Journal that getting fat "was the greatest thing in the world," tipped the scales at 230 pounds before dedicating herself to losing the weight on her A&E reality show Big Life. (She's already dropped 20 pounds.)

She credits her "Chubby Buddy" Jim as the key to fighting her flab.

"Having my Chubby Buddy Jim has made all the difference in the world," Alley, 59, told in a statement. "We lean on each other and try not to knock each other over. It's getting easier!

The former Jenny Craig spokeswoman has launched her own weight-loss program, Organic Liaison, which is giving away cars and iPads to encourage others who may be battling the bulge to link up with a partner to get slim.