Meet Drew Barrymore's New Boyfriend!

Credit: AbilityFilms

Barrymore's got a new boy!

On Monday, Drew Barrymore stepped out for lunch at Joan's on Third in L.A. with her new guy: Will Kopelman.

The new Us Weekly (out Wednesday) reports that Kopelman, 33, is an art consultant and the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman.

Will is "a socialite type and a playboy," an insider tells Us.

Indeed, pals shouldn't pick out china for the new pair just yet. Although Barrymore, 36, made out with him at a Dewar's fete on Feb. 10, a witness saw Kopelman canoodling with another woman at L.A.'s Spare Room five days earlier.

The actress herself recently cooled off with on-again, off-again love Justin Long.