Milla Jovovich says she couldn't wait to strip down for the September issue of Maxim.

When discussing how skimpy she'd dress for the shoot, the model and actress -- who is expected to wed her director beau, Paul Anderson, this weekend -- cut to the chase.

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"Look, I do Vogue, OK? I'm not doing this [photo spread] to advertise a designer; I had a little girl recently, and I'm doing this to show my post-baby body!" says Jovovich, who welcomed daughter Ever Gabo 20 months ago. "Lingerie and a sheet were all I needed," she goes on. "I know it's all about my body. I want to give readers exactly what they want, and they want to see me."

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Jovovich, 33, slimmed down training for movies, she explains. Her next flick, Resident Evil 4, begins filming next month. "I do a lot of training for these films so I can do my own stunts," boasts Jovovich. "I think fans of Resident Evil love to know that it's really me doing everything."