PIC: Pauly D Proves He Has Rock-Hard, Chiseled Bod in New Shirtless Photo

Credit: twitter.com

It's all muscle!

Jersey Shore star Pauly D took to his Twitter Monday to prove the unflattering photo of him that hit the Web last week was not how he normally looks.

"Ok Just To Clear Up A Few Things … There You Go !!!! Taking This Morning" Pauly D, 31, tweeted with a shirtless picture of himself he snapped in his bathroom mirror.

Pauly D (real name: Paul DelVecchio) snapped a photo of himself posing shirtless in front of his bathroom mirror. The reality star reveals that his chiseled chest and abs are the real deal.

On April 22, DelVecchio stepped out at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas looking more noticeably bigger. "He's gained 20 pounds of muscle," a source close to the star told Us Weekly. "He is [exercising] nonstop . . .three times a day sometimes."

Fans debated whether or not DelVecchio's bloated appearance was a result of muscle gain or simply weight gain.

Tell Us: Does Pauly D's new shirtless photo put the debate to rest?