Summer 2011's Sexiest Beach Bodies

Credit: BRJ/Fame; PicturesAlbert Michael/; RD/ Kabik/ Retna Digital

With summer in full-swing, stars like Julianne Hough, Zac Efron and Audrina Patridge are all showing off their incredible beach bodies.

How did Hough get such an amazing bikini body? "To motivate me to stay in shape for Rock of Ages, I put a half-naked picture of me from [Footloose] on my phone," the actress, 22, tells Us Weekly. "Every time I look at it, I'm like, 'Do not put that chocolate in your mouth, Julianne!'"

Meanwhile, Patridge does power-lunges by the pool for an extra confidence boost. "I like to get the blood flowing to those areas," the VH1 reality star, 26, tells Shape. "I feel tighter and stronger, and it gives my skin a nice rosy glow.

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