Kendra and Kourtney Reveal How Much Weight They've Gained


Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson has added 24 pounds of her formerly 113-pound frame, she tells Us Weekly.

"I eat throughout the day," says the E! reality star, who is 5-foot-4.

Wilkinson, 24, who is due on Christmas, starts each day with a bowl of her favorite cereal, Lucky Charms, and then sends an assistant to fetch a BLT sandwich with Swiss cheese, avocado and ­pickles on toast. Later, she'll dine on chicken and fruit.

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"Watermelon is my cure for an upset stomach," she says. "I get cranky when Hank steals mine!"

But she still hits the gym with a take-it-easy regimen that involves lifting 8-pound weights while sitting on an exercise ball. ("I'm used to doing reps with 15 pounds, but I definitely don't want to do that now," she says.) 

The former Girls Next Door star also walks on a treadmill and hikes. 

"I'm going to start taking yoga," she says.

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Five-months-pregnant Kourtney Kardashian, 30, hasn't been as focused on physical fitness.

"I haven't been going to the gym as much," says the former running enthusiast, who has added 13 pounds to her 102-pound frame. Kardashian, who is 5-foot-1, has been taking 4-mile hikes with her mom, Kris, and sisters Khloe and Kendall in their Hidden Hills, Calif. neighborhood.

But even though she's relaxed her workout routine, she's not loading up on junk food.

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Beau Scott Disick jokes, 'Get Twinkies and doughnuts!' But I want to eat healthy," she explains. Instead, she opts for Oatmeal, fruit or Raisin Bran for breakfast and a Caprese sandwich on wheat ciabatta for lunch. 

But when she's dining out, she's not afraid to splurge: "I order pasta or pizza, something good I feel like eating."

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