Minnie Driver's Son Henry Taking Piano Lessons: "He's a Jeff Buckley in the Making"

Minnie Driver tells Us Weekly her son, Henry, is staying creative by learning the piano. "He's a Jeff Buckley in the making," she says. Credit: WENN.com; Michel Linssen/Redferns (inset)

From preschool to Juilliard?! Minnie Driver's 4-year-old son, Henry, sure will have something to brag about when it's his turn for show-and-tell at school: Driver tells Us Weekly her little boy is becoming quite the piano virtuoso since taking lessons this summer. "He loves the piano!" Driver, 43, tells Us of her son. "He has lessons with a quite scary Russian lady whom he loves. [Our house] is filled with music all the time."

In addition to this summer's piano lessons, Driver kept her son busy with arts and crafts projects. "We paint and make stuff," Driver tells Us of her and Henry's crafty activities. "My son is a very abstract artist, but there is nothing he has made that I could really single out and go, 'This is the next Michelangelo,'" explains the Web Therapy actress. "When he plays the piano, it is beyond exquisite, and I truly believe that he's a Jeff Buckley in the making."

A strong supporter of the Children Mending Hearts charity, aimed at empowering disadvantaged children through arts programs, Driver tells Us watching Henry grow and develop his creativity has moved her beyond measure.

"[Prior to becoming a mom, I realized] how much of a selfish cow I actually was. It's so extraordinary how that disappears beautifully, and gracefully, and is replaced with this unalterable devotion to another person's happiness, and I'm so grateful for that," said Driver. "[Motherhood has] made me a far better person than I ever could have hoped to be."