Octomom: Why I'm Addicted to Having Babies

Octomom: Why I'm Addicted to Having Babies

As a mom of 14 children, Nadya Suleman continues to defend her decision to expand her family.

On Friday's The Oprah Winfrey Show, Suleman opens up about her life with her brood -- including 1-year-old octuplet babies.

The 35-year-old mom -- who owes $450,000 in mortgage payments on her La Hambra, Calif. home -- was taken to task by financial guru Suze Orman.

"Why when you couldn't afford the six kids to begin with, would you even have thought about having one more kid, let alone eight more kids?" Orman asks the controversial Suleman, who made headlines in 2009 when she announced that she was expecting octuplets even though she was a single mother on welfare who already had six children. (Watch a preview above)

Aware of the financial burden her babies' birth would bring, Suleman says she expanded her family out of an emotional need.

"I'm looking desperately outside myself and using an inappropriate filler to fill something that I should be filling from within," Suleman -- who sold old bikinis and bras at a yard sale last fall in an attempt to resolve her debt -- admits.

When Winfrey suggests Suleman has an addiction to having babies, Suleman nods in agreement.

"I still ask myself why [I had the kids]," Suleman says.