Spencer Pratt Accuses Heidi Montag of "Hijacking Sperm"

Celebrity Moms Nov. 30, 2009 AT 2:01PM

Spencer and Heidi plus one?

Not if Spencer Pratt has anything to do with it!

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In this clip from Tuesday's season finale of The Hills, Pratt has a basketball-court chat with pal Brody Jenner about his wife Heidi's sneaky attempts to get pregnant -- with or without his consent.

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"There's a chance that I'm about to be Pratt Daddy for real," he tells Jenner, noting that he found a pregnancy test in the trash.

Can you guess Heidi's bra size?

"It's like a sperm kidnapping," Pratt complains. "Like hijacking sperm!"

What should Heidi be most thankful for this holiday season?

Adds Jenner: "Scary."

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