Amanda Seyfried Buys Dead Horse

Credit: Jon Furniss/WireImage

-- Amanda Seyfried didn't beat a dead horse -- she bought one. The 25-year-old actress told the Daily Express she purchased a taxidermy miniature horse named Antoine that died at three weeks old. She said: "I love good taxidermy, it's like art." [PopEater]

-- Jerry Seinfeld's had enough of hearing about the royal wedding! The 56-year-old comedian was in London promoting his summer stand up concert in England, and in an appearance on the morning show Daybreak, he called the upcoming nuptials "a circus act." He added: "You know, it's a dress-up. It's a classic English thing of let's play dress-up. Let's pretend that these are special people. OK, we'll all pretend that-- that's what theater is." [Huffington Post]

-- Padma Lakshmi loves food, but the 40-year-old Top Chef Host admitted the show does a number on her weight. She told she goes up "one to two dress sizes" every season, but hits the gym as soon as the season wraps. She added: "I've been a model for 15 years, and I've been on Top Chef for eight seasons… so I've learned a thing or two have how to camouflage certain areas and how to draw the eye to a preferable area of the body!" [OMG]

-- Angelina Jolie reunited with her Kung Fu 2 buddy Jack Black for a photo op in L.A. Jolie, 35, and Black, 41, are just beginning the promotional tour for the film--they'll head to the Cannes Film Festival in France next month. [PopSugar]

-- British pop star Adele and her bosses at her label gave every staff member at her company, XL Recordings, a bonus of £1,000. A source told British tabloid The Sun: "Everyone who has helped Adele achieve what she has--even in the smallest way-- has been thanked." [Perez Hilton]