Bridget Moynahan: What's in My Bag?

Celebrity News Dec. 15, 2013 AT 5:25PM
Bridget Moynahan, 42, empties our her purse for Us.
Bridget Moynahan, 42, empties our her purse for Us. Credit: Michael Pirrocco

Bridget Moynahan, the star of Blue Bloods, empties her purse for Us. "There's jewelry at the bottom of my purse," she says. "I empty it and realize that's where those bracelets went. It's like Christmas!" What other gems does the NYC-based single mom to John, 6, have in her Stella McCartney tote?

Post Haste

"I'm probably the only person who still carries stamps. I keep them handy so I can mail postcards from museums as soon as I buy them."

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The Fine Print

"I usually fold up The New York Times and take is with me. I'm old school! I don't know if that's good for my carbon imprint, but yeah."

Peepers Show

"Garnier's Ultra-Lift Anti=Wrinkle Eye Roller works wonders. I swipe it on in the morning, then latte at night."

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The Right Direction

"My son loves compasses. I bought him one at the Meg Cohen Design Shop in SoHo, then they gee me my own brass one as a gift."

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Prank Star

"I enjoy practical jokes, so sometimes I'll carry my stuff to make people laugh. Right now, I hade a rubber mouse with me!"

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