Incredible. Brie Larson's most powerful moment from the 2016 Oscars on Sunday, February 28, arguably wasn't her first-ever win for Actress in a Leading Role.

Observers inside the Dolby Theatre captured the Room star, 26, standing up after Lady Gaga's powerful performance of "'Til It Happens To You," and extending an embrace to each and every single one of the abuse survivors as they walked off the stage with the Oscar-nominated singer.

In a now-viral video tweeted by The Hollywood Reporter columnist Chris Gardner, Larson is seen standing up from her front-row spot and hugging each of the survivors as they filed past her. At first, Larson adorably gave a hug to each person, but seeing how many people joined Gaga onstage for the powerful performance, the actress eventually extended hugs to two, then three to four individuals at a time.

Still, she hugged each and every person who bravely joined Gaga for her performance. The plot of Larson's Room is painfully centered on a young woman who's placed in sexual captivity after being kidnapped. After spending her years enslaved in an underground bunker, the woman and her son (played by Jacob Tremblay) escape and assimilate back into society.

Larson was already standing on Sunday night following Gaga's incredible performance of the Oscar-nominated song featured in The Hunting Ground, a documentary about campus rape.

The 2016 Golden Globe winner belted lyrics from the ballad about sexual assault while real-life abuse survivors resolutely surrounded her from all sides.

Watch her emotional performance above along with Larson's sweet reaction.

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