Budweiser's "Lost Dog" Super Bowl XLIX Ad Released in Full: Watch the Emotional Commercial

Budweiser's full "Lost Dog" Super Bowl XLIX ad was released on Wednesday -- watch the adorable and emotional commercial here. Credit: Courtesy of Anheuser-Busch

Homeward bound with the help of some pals! Anheuser-Busch released its full Budweiser "Lost Dog" Super Bowl ad on Wednesday, Jan. 28, and as expected, it is emotional, adorable, and a surefire touchdown for the beer company.

The story begins with a curious little lab, who pops his head out from beneath a haystack while his owner is seen tending to horses in a barn. The pup meanders outside much to the chagrin of a Clydesdale, who whinnies in disagreement. The dog, meanwhile, jumps into the storage area of a car, which drives away while his unsuspecting owner (played by actor Don Jeanes) is left wondering where the pooch has gone.

The situation appears to be grim as the frightened puppy is seen scrambling down the street and squeezing his way into random spots of shelter. In another heart-wrenching moment, the lost pet is seen sulking beneath a makeshift box which shields him from the pouring rain.

Meanwhile, his troubled owner staples and distributes "Lost" signs across town. Equally heartbroken is the puppy's Clydesdale pal.

Somehow, the bold and clever dog retraces his steps home in the moonlight, only to encounter a hungry and scary wolf. Luckily, some big bad friends come to his rescue.

According to AdWeek, the "Lost Dog" ad was shot last month at a ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif. Eight puppies — seven girls and one male, all of whom were about 12 weeks old at the time — were rotated in the spot. Meanwhile, seven Clydesdales were trained for three months in preparation for the ad itself.

Find out what happens in the heartwarming commercial above!