Chelsea Handler Tweets a Picture of Herself as a Pretty Teenager

Chelsea Handler tweeted a picture with siblings Simone and Shoshanna, writing "Jersey Sisters" on April 25, 2013. Credit: Courtesy of Chelsea Handler

No awkward phase here! Chelsea Handler looked like a TV star long before she landed her own late-night talk show. On Thursday, Apr. 25, the Chelsea Lately host tweeted a picture from her teen years in Livingston, New Jersey. Joined by older sisters Simone and Shoshanna, Handler -- the youngest of six children -- wore a sleeveless teal tank top and flashed her megawatt grin.

Handler, who once competed in a beauty pageant, never seemed to fit in with her peers. "In high school I went from group to group. I bounced around a lot," the 38-year-old once told Seventeen. "In high school I got a lot of flack for dating an older guy. He was 20 when I was 17."

During her teen years, "We had a lot of big, big hair going on. I looked like the Lion King," Handler recalled. "I used a lot of AquaNet everymorning. I would spend from 7 to 9 in the morning getting ready."

"I always had expensive taste. My parents were never about to shell out $150 for a pair of jeans, so I was always getting the imitation brand," the Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang author added. "The minute I was able to afford the nice things in life, believe me, I went crazy because I was able to afford it."