Donald Drumpf Wikipedia Now Exists After John Oliver's Donald Trump Takedown

Donald Drumpf Wikipedia Now Exists After John Oliver's Donald Trump Takedown

Ready to bookmark? John Oliver's brutal takedown of Donald Trump was met with applause, laughter — and now a Wikipedia page.

The Last Week Tonight host, 38, called the GOP presidential front-runner, 69, "America's back mole" and joked about Trump keeping his real moniker under wraps on Sunday, February 29. Now, Donald J. Drumpf has a bio, photos and more on the Internet.

"Donald Trump can seem appealing until you take a closer look, much like the lunch buffet at a strip club, or the NFL, or having a pet chimpanzee. Sure, it seems fun, but some day Coco is going to tear your f--king limbs off," Oliver said at the time.

Speaking of Trump's family name, which was changed by one of his ancestors, he quipped, "Drumpf is much less magical — it’s the sound produced when a morbidly obese pigeon flies into the window of a foreclosed Old Navy. It’s the sound of a bottle of store-brand root beer falling off the shelf in a gas station mini mart."

Drumpf's Wikipedia explains Oliver's humorous rant. It also lists quotes from Oliver, a photo of Drumpf's real grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf, and commentary from an unidentified biographer.

"According to a biographer, the German government considered Donald Trump's grandfather (Friedrich Drumpf) a draft dodger (war dodger) who after being expelled and deported from Germany would ultimately strand the Drumpf family in America," a statement reads.

The Wikipedia page also notes where readers can learn more about Drumpf. The list includes Oliver's "Drumpf: Make Donald Drumpf Again!" website, which Oliver and his team created as an offshoot of HBO's site. For $17.50, fans can buy hats with the "Make Donald Drumpf Again" phrase printed on them, a play on Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan.

But there's more. Drumpf even has his own Twitter page, @RealDonalDrumpf. "A 100% classy Donald Trump parody account," the description says. "Operated under the actual family name Drumpf."

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