Donald Trump Makes Terrible Joke About 30-Year-Old Boeing Plane: ‘What Can Look So Beautiful at 30?’

#Sigh. Donald Trump made a lame joke about the 30-year-old Boeing 787 during a visit to the Boeing plant in South Carolina on Friday, February 17, while also incorrectly touting the newly revamped plane as an exemplary product made exclusively in the U.S.A.

“As beautiful as it looks, it’s 30-years-old — can you believe it?” Trump said while examining the new Boeing Dreamliner before going on to lavish odd, cringey praise upon the aircraft. “What can look so beautiful at 30? An aeroplane.”

His joke, of course, was quickly mocked on Twitter. “Trump just said ‘what else looks so good at 30?’ We know it's not his wives. Thats their age when he starts shopping for newer a model,” one person on Twitter tweeted, while another added: “When #Trump says only an Airplane can look this good at 30 😂 Great message for us #women.”

Aside from cracking the ill-received joke, Trump also spent his time at the plant, stressing his “America first” trade and economic policies. This was also criticized on Twitter, since the plane includes parts imported from around the world. 

“Trump, standing in front of a Boeing jet made substantially of imported parts, declares that the US should rely less on imports,” one Twitter user pointed out, while others supplied their followers with a handy chart of where each part of the plane was imported from:

Read more reactions to the President’s latest appearance below: