Why Josh Duhamel Got "Angry" After Renewing Vows With Fergie

Celebrity News Jan. 29, 2010 AT 10:58AM
Why Josh Duhamel Got "Angry" After Renewing Vows With Fergie Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Josh Duhamel wanted to keep his vow renewal ceremony with Fergie hush-hush.

It "was honestly supposed to be our little thing," he said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday.

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Even Fergie, 34, didn't know about it.

"We rented a helicopter," he said. "The best part ... she had no idea what we were going to do."

He told her to meet him at an undisclosed location at 3 p.m. Jan. 6 (the two wed in Malibu on Jan. 10, 2009). "She said, 'I have to be dressed up at 3 o'clock in the afternoon?!'" Duhamel, 37, recalled. "And we went off."

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Soon, word leaked that they were at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara -- thanks, Duhamel said, to loose-lipped resort employees.

"They were supposed to keep that quiet and they blabbed it," he told DeGeneres. "I'm very angry with you Bacara ... I'd like a suite for free!"

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Still, Duhamel -- who denied an Atlanta stripper's claim that he had an affair -- said he's "proud of what we did and I'm happy. We had a great time."

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