Ed Sheeran Goes to ER for Bloody Hand: Picture, Details from His Wild Night

Ed Sheeran's bloody hand (and subsequent trip to the emergency room) was just one part of his "epic" night in Nashville Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Thursday, Sept. 19, turned out to be a bloody terrible night for Ed Sheeran. The evening seems to have started out okay, but it ended with the British singer in the emergency room nursing a fairly gruesome hand injury.

Photos and tweets from the 22-year-old redhead's social media accounts show the sequence of events leading up to his unexpected hospitalization. "Day #64 of the RED tour: Nashville!" Sheeran wrote earlier in the night, alongside a photo of a packed arena of Taylor Swift fans.

A few hours later, he tweeted: "Just [sang] 'I Don't Wanna Be' with @GavinDeGraw in a karaoke bar. Awesome."

That's when things started to devolve. A source tells Us Weekly that the "Give Me Love" singer was hanging out with DeGraw at a pub in Nashville when he cut his hand on some glass and had to go to a local ER.

Sheeran actually posted a picture of the injury on Instagram, but he didn't explain what had happened. "Oops," he captioned the shot, which showed his bloody hand wrapped in white gauze.

A little while later, he shared another photo, this time of his hand covered in bandages. "Thank you Nashville a&e," he tweeted. Later, he added simply, "6 stitches."

The adventure didn't end there, though. Just an hour after posting the picture of his hand, he Instagrammed a shot of his red Mini Cooper with a shredded tire.

"And now a flat tyre [sic]," he wrote. "This night is epic."