Eddie Murphy Is "Fine" Despite Internet Death Hoax

Celebrity News Feb. 4, 2012 AT 2:03PM
Eddie Murphy Is "Fine" Despite Internet Death Hoax

Relax, Eddie Murphy fans.

Despite an Internet report that circulated Friday declaring the actor dead after a car crash in Australia, the Beverly Hills Cop star's brother confirms Murphy is alive and well.

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"My brother is fine. People who start these type of rumors are sick people," fellow comic Charlie Murphy tweeted after the Global Associated News Website sent out a bogus report. "It's really astounding how low people will go for attention. Eddie Murphy is fine!"

According to the site, Murphy, 50, was said to have perished in a single car crash in Queensland, Australia, while on vacation.

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Though the site appears legit at first glance, Murphy fans who took a closer look at the page would have seen a small-print disclaimer denouncing the site and its contents as fake.

"This story is 100% fake! This is an entertainment website, and this is a totally fake article based on zero truth and is a complete work of fiction for entertainment purposes" the disclaimer read.

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Earlier this week, the very same site posted a bogus story that country crooner Reba McEntire had fallen to her death while climbing a mountain in Austria.

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