Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods

Credit: Lori Moffett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

No more free Gatorade for Tiger Woods: the golfer has lost his endorsement deal with the sports drink.

"I can confirm that we no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship," a Gatorade spokeswoman told the Associated Press Friday. "We wish Tiger all the best."

The PepsiCo Inc. beverage subsidiary says it will continue its partnership with the 34 year-old golfer's charitable foundation, however.

It's the third loss for Woods, who has already been dropped by Gillette and global consulting firm Accenture.

The golfer -- who gave his first public apology Friday -- still has deals in place with AT&T, Tag Heuer and Nike. Prior to his adultery scandals, he made an estimated $110 million a year in endorsements.