Hilary Swank: "Elastic Waistbands Are a Must" During the Holidays

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Calories don't count at Christmastime! 

Hilary Swank doesn't worry about her waistline around the holidays. The 37-year-old actress told Us Weekly at the New Year's Eve premiere in Hollywood that she recommends stretchy clothes instead of strict diets.

Her wardrobe essential? "Elastic waistbands!" she told Us. "So that you can eat a lot and let it stretch a little bit. You've got to have the elastic, and I think sparkles are always good for the holidays." 

Her secrets for staying slim? "Eat away!" she said. "Starting on Halloween, all the way through New Year's, I'm eating. That's why elastic waistbands are a must."

The New Year's Eve star's resolution for 2012 doesn't have anything to do with dieting. "[I'll probably have the] same New Year's resolution as I've had for a while which is to slow down every once in awhile and take some time for myself," she said. "I'm not very good at it."