Hugh Hefner Defends Rebound With New Girlfriend Shera Bechard

Credit: Beck Starr/FilmMagic; George Pimentel/

Another day, another blonde!

After Hugh Hefner announced that Shera Bechard was his "new girlfriend" on Monday, the backlash began almost immediately. But the 85-year-old Playboy mogul fought back on Twitter, explaining that "a new girlfriend is the only logical response to heartbreak." 

When one fan asked Hefner if Crystal Harris left him because she sensed he liked Bechard, he clarified that "the interest in Shera came after the stunner from Crystal."

"It kind of shows you really treat women as nothing when you get a new girlfriend just days after you and Crystal broke up," one follower said. But Hefner snapped back, asking, "What's your remedy for a broken heart?"

Hefner was understandably bitter when Harris, 25, broke things off just five days before their June 18 wedding. "How can I feel badly about dealing with what has been a truly devastating experience?" he asked, responding to a fan questioning his motives for moving so quickly from Harris. "I'm grateful for the support."