Jane Fonda: ‘I Fell in Love’ With Robert Redford on Every One of Our Movies

Jane Fonda: ‘I Fell in Love’ With Robert Redford on Every One of Our Movies

Crushing hard on Robert Redford! Jane Fonda just wrapped her fifth movie with the 80-year-old acting legend and admitted that she's always had a thing for her costar. Watch the interview above.

The Grace and Frankie actress, 79, stars alongside Redford in Netflix’s Our Souls at Night, in which they play two widowed neighbors who develop a relationship. "He bought a book that’s called Our Souls at Night, and it’s just a beautiful story. And he wanted me to be in it, and I was really, really happy,” she told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Monday, March 20. “The only problem working with Bob is that I just look into his eyes, and I kind fall into his eyes and forget my dialogue.”

The 9 to 5 star has played Redford’s love interest in 1966’s The Chase, 1967’s Barefoot in the Park and 1979’s The Electric Horseman. They also appeared in 1960’s Tall Story together, but Redford’s role was uncredited.

When DeGeneres, 59, flashed photos from their old films on the screen, Fonda was mesmerized. “God, he’s so good-looking,” she said. The TV host agreed, “Yeah, he’s a good-looking guy. … Good kisser?” Fonda replied in a dreamy voice, “Yeah."

The comedian asked whether it was nerve-racking to work with the swoonworthy Oscar winner again. “No, it actually wasn’t. I realize that I’ve grown up because in the three previous movies, I was always in love with him. I fell in love every time. So if a day went by when he wouldn’t speak to me — you know, because there were days when he would never speak to me unless it was part of the script — I always took it personally. I’m like, ‘Oh my god, he doesn’t like me. I did something wrong.' And now when he doesn’t talk to me, I just say, ‘Hey, Bob, c’mon, what?’” she said.

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