Jennifer Aniston's First Job? Cleaning Toilets!

Credit: Ferdaus Shamim/


Before Jennifer Aniston made millions as an actress, she had a much less glamorous job.

"I made my allowance as a kid cleaning toilets. I'm actually pretty good at it," Aniston, 40, tells Parade magazine.

The actress -- who earned $25 million in 2008 -- says she "grew up with absolutely no money at all.

"I struggled for a while, but I was happy with my life whether I was making this amount of money, or that amount of money," she says. "I always enjoyed where I was working."

In addition to cleaning, she held a host of other jobs while waiting for her big break on Friends.

"I loved being a waitress. OK, I didn't like time-share selling, I hated that job. But people used to say to me, 'You need to focus on having ambition,'" she says. "And I guess sort of following that advice allowed a lot to come to me."

Aniston says she's still the same person today as when she was scrubbing bathrooms.

"There's just been a great ease with that evolvement in my life to being an actress. I didn't change that much, but my bank account changed," she jokes.

The actress -- most recently linked to The Bounty costar Gerard Butler -- also opens up about her love life, saying shooting so many romantic comedies "probably [doesn't] help because one is work and one is life. I certainly try to access my personal life when I'm doing my job. But you know what they say, 'Art imitates life, life imitates art.'"