Jessica Biel Gets Into the Eco-Accessories Business

Jessica Biel has launched an eco-accessories line called Bare Credit: Chris Polk/FilmMagic

It looks like creativity runs in the Biel family. Jessica Biel, along with her younger brother Justin and his childhood friend Grason Ratowsky, launched Bare, an eco-accessories line, which creates products out of recycled coffee sacks.

The "Playing for Keeps" star, who is a partner in the brand, says her brother, 28, and Grason have always surprised her with their business-savvy efforts.

"My brother is one of those people that I just have total, 100 percent faith in," Biel told Vogue. "And I've known Grason [Ratowsky, his best friend] since I was in sixth grade. Together they've just, I don't know, always surprised me and done things that were way older than their years."

She adds that their focus on up-cycling already available products is an important part of the company's environmental contribution. "We all grew up with the Flatiron mountains right behind us. If you had any brain at all, you would just look outside your window and go, 'Oh wow, this world is something that I want to protect.'"
The handmade line of clutches, totes, duffel bags, and utility bags, are a chic, yet functional collection and range in price from $80-$320. The entire line is being made in the Biels's home state of Colorado.

Naturally, Justin's famous sis is already rocking one of the totes, which means it is only a matter of time before more celebs catch on to the cool collection. "It has all my scripts, all my stuff, all of my character stuff, it comes with me every day to work," Biel dished.

Would you nab one of the burlap totes?