Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images

More dreadful dancing from Kate Gosselin.

On Monday's Dancing With the Stars, the mom of eight, 35, earned a meager 15 for her paso doble (she just barely beat out 80-year-old Buzz Aldrin, who earned the night's lowest score of 13).

For her dance, Gosselin and partner Tony Dolovani performed to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" because "that song speaks to me," she explained, as she is always followed by photographers.

Unfortunately, it didn't translate well on the dance floor.

After her routine, Len Goodman told her: "There was no passion, drama, intensity. It wasn't very good, Kate. Sorry."

Carrie Ann Inaba called Gosselin's performance "odd. It was very hard to watch ... I don't feel the emotion got to your face. That was very strange."

The most biting remarks came from Bruno Tonioli, who told Gosselin "for once, you played the character -- you had the look of the super bitch from hell!" The only downfall? "You looked like you were walking," he told her. "Next time, dance!"

Despite the negative feedback, Gosselin said she enjoyed the "tone" of the dance because "it was a way for me to channel" frustration at the paparazzi.

"They follow me, and I have to deal with that," she explained after her dance, "so to be able to bring that out was actually pretty good."

She said she still is "enjoying the challenge" of dancing. She said being on the show "is a lot harder than I ever imagined."

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