Justin Chambers: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Grey's Anatomy star Justin Chambers shares 25 things about himself with Us Weekly. Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty

These days, you can watch Justin Chambers on the tenth season of Grey's Anatomy on ABC (Thursdays, 9 P.M.), where he plays Dr. Karev, the tough guy who has a soft spot for his patients. Below, the 43-year-old actor spills 25 things you might not know about him for Us Weekly

1. I have been married [to Keisha Chambers, 44] for 20 years.

2. My oldest child [of five!] is now in college. 

3. I sold orthopedic shoes in high school. 

4. Last year, I took an acting class taught by my childhood crush, Lindsay Wagner, just so I could meet her. 

5. I have a fat, old beagle named D'Artagnan.

6. One of my all-time favorite quotes is by the late comedian Milton Berle: "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

7. My first car was a 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger. 

8. I have a love-hate relationship with hot yoga. 

9. I picked up tennis as a hobby later in life. 

10. I read the Bible, and I'm a bit obsessed with the Book of Revelation. 

11. My favorite number is 7. 

12. I enjoy watching Judge Judy and River Monsters

13. I'm involved with the nonprofit Dream Center of Los Angeles. 

14. The Band is actually one of my favorite bands. 

15. I have a ring of fire tattoo on my arm. 

16. I grew up in Ohio, and my cool parents were deputy sheriffs. 

17. I have a 17-year-old friendship with Ann-Margret

18. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids smile and laugh. 

19. I was one of the last people to fly on the Concorde. 

20. I am a fraternal twin who has fraternal twins. 

21. I think I know how to play the piano, but it's always the same song. 

22. I can swim like a fish. 

23. Growing up, I really wanted to be a dentist. 

24. I could listen to Ennio Morricone's music every day for the rest of my life. 

25. I once had a pet goose, George.