Kim Zolciak Reveals She Will Have Heart Surgery Following Mini Stroke

Kim Zolciak revealed during an exclusive interview with E! News on Thursday, Oct. 8, that she will be undergoing heart surgery. The Don’t Be Tardy star, who suffered a mini stroke last month, has already scheduled the operation.

"I have one of the top cardiologists in the country who's amazing," Zolciak said. "Anything that has to do with you heart and brain is pretty scary, but heck, I've been through it. I'm okay.” 

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant, who was forced to withdraw this season because of medical reasons, revealed earlier on Thursday that she’s suffered from a heart condition since she was born. The mom of six’s stroke was caused by a blood clot that traveled to the other side of her body because of an open valve that never closed when she was in the womb. The surgery will correct the hole. “My aunt also has the same exact thing with the same exact story at the same exact age which is crazy,” Zolciak added. 

Zolciak, who was hospitalized less than 24 hours after her Sept. 22 performance on DWTS, revealed her heart condition during an appearance on Good Morning America.

"It was a blessing in disguise," Zolciak said. "The minor TIA revealed that I have a PFO, which is like a hole in your heart. I was born with it and it never closed. That's what caused it, basically."

Despite the revelation, the Bravo star confirmed that she’s “feeling great.”

Zolciak is expected to dance during the DWTS finale.

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