Little Girl Reels in Huge Bass With Barbie Fishing Pole: Watch the Video!

His new fishing buddy! One little girl will be receiving a lot more Barbies come Christmas. That's because she caught a huge bass with the help of her Barbie fishing pole during a sweet father-daughter outing at a lake.

In a video that's since gone viral, an adorable girl named Avery, 5, catches the fish all on her own (like a boss!) while on a boat. She struggles at first to reel it in, but is encouraged by her dad to get the job done by herself.

"I can't get it. You need to help me," she says in the clip.

"Is it coming?" he asks, laughing. "Keep going!"

As if it couldn't get cuter, the duo then fall into a total giggle fit. Avery finally pulls up the fish — 20 inches! — and gets a high five from her proud dad.

"Yes, I got one!" she exclaims. "Finally!" 

Watch the cute video above!