Madonna's School Displaces 200 Villagers

Credit: Fernando Quevedo/Globo via Getty Images

Madonna's proposed new school for girls in Blantyre, Malawi doesn't just have a $15 million price tag: 200 residents of the village have been urged to relocate to accommodate the new facility per government request, the Associated Press reports.

On Thursday, a government official informed 200 villagers that the land in Blantyre had been handed over to Madonna, and asked that they move away.

The principal of the proposed school, Anjimile Mtila-Oponyo, told the Associated Press that Madonna paid the villagers more than $115,000 (or 16 million kwacha) to compensate for their homes.

So far, residents have refused to move from Blantyre, located just outside Malawi's capital, Lilongwe.

Madonna, 51, has established numerous charitable organizations in Malawi, where she has adopted two children; David, 5, and Mercy, 4.