Meet the Guy Who Set Up Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Celebrity News Jun. 12, 2011 AT 6:47PM
Meet the Guy Who Set Up Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez;Todd Oren/Getty Images

Best Man potential?

Before the whirlwind courtship, the 20.5 carat engagement ring and talked-about prenup, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were just strangers in the night -- until one of Humphries' teammates on the New Jersey Nets played matchmaker.

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"I introduced them in New York and they have come a long way since," fellow NBA star Jordan Farmar told Us Weekly at Saturday's Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles.

"It's crazy," the point guard said of Humphries, 26, and Kardashian, 30, who started dating in December and announced plans to marry last month. "[Kris] has come a long way...A lot has happened!"

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The reality starlet and basketball hunk were certainly aware of each other before the set-up, Farmar, 24, explained. "It was kind of mutual thing with them asking about each other."

And, like most of the couple's friends and family, Farmar says he didn't see their glitzy engagement coming at all.

"I was surprised," Farmar admitted. "They were at my house the day before and he hit me in the morning and he told me he did it. I was pretty shocked!"

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Despite that shock, the pro athlete told Us that the pair are an ideal match.

"They both fit each other. He is a good kid.  He is from the country," he said of Minnesota native Humprhies. "So he kind of slows it down, and she is fast paced and has a  lot of stuff going on -- so they kind of balance each other out."

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