Meryl Streep's Post-Globes Speech Shocks Reporters

Celebrity News Jan. 18, 2010 AT 12:06PM
Meryl Streep's Post-Globes Speech Shocks Reporters Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Meryl Streep is known as a class act in Hollywood, so reporters were shocked when the actress, 60, cussed three times back stage at Sunday's Golden Globes in Hollywood.

Streep - who won best leading actress for playing Julia Child in Julie & Julia - was discussing the fact that Child was "not amused" by a blog centered on her culinary skills. The blog was written by fledgling writer Julie Powell, who vowed to whip up 524 of Child's recipes in 365 days. The blog inspired a 2002 memoir by Powell and Streep's hit movie.

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"Julia Child was disgruntled because she felt this person was not being serious about cuisine," Streep said. "I think she was offended by the language. She's a lady of a certain age and certain time where you can't say f***, f***, f***, all the time, and she was not used to it, and I think it upset her."

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Streep also addressed ageism in Hollywood, admitting that she was almost turned down for 1995’s Bridges of Madison County because she was 45 at the time.

"There was a big fight with the studio because they said I was too old and my co-star, Clint (Eastwood), was 65, which I thought was really old," she said. "He seems like he was a kid to me now. But Sandra Bullock is 45 now, and it is a little bit better. The perception of her is different than it was for me 10 years ago. The business has changed. I think it really has changed a great deal for women."

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Streep said times have only gotten worse for young actresses, thanks to the Internet and constant scrutiny.

"I always say to my daughters, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do and don't read things about yourself. Don't read the blogs," she said. "It is really hard not to Google yourself. But it is much, much better for your mental health and everything else. You try to lessen the self awareness and self-consciousness."

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