Miley Cyrus Gets New Planet Tattoo, Mistakes Saturn for Jupiter

Miley Cyrus Gets New Planet Tattoo, Mistakes Saturn for Jupiter

Astronomy lesson, anyone? Miley Cyrus took to Instagram on Tuesday, April 26, to debut her new tattoo of a planet. However, it seems as though the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer, 23, was unsure of exactly which member of the solar system she had emblazoned on her body.

permaaaa skinnnnn arrrrrttttt by daaaa mosssst bad a$$ @laurenwinzer 🍄🦄🍕🐸🌻💕 #stonerasfuck

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

“permaaaa skinnnnn arrrrrttttt by daaaa mosssst bad a$$ @laurenwinzer 🍄🍕🐸🌻💕 #lilbbJupiter,” Cyrus initially wrote alongside the photo of her fresh ink. But wait, that’s not Jupiter tattooed on her forearm. The image is actually that of Saturn, the interstellar orb known for its visible rings.

Many of the former Hannah Montana star’s followers were quick to call her out on her outer space snafu. “That’s really Saturn, Miley,” one science-minded Smiler politely pointed out, while another sneered: “Finish first grade.”

Clearly realizing her mistake, Cyrus later changed the caption on the ‘gram to read: “permaaaa skinnnnn arrrrrttttt by daaaa mosssst bad a$$ @laurenwinzer 🍄🍕🐸🌻💕 #stonerasf--k.”

Perhaps her updated, weed-inspired hashtag could be a clue as to why she mistook Saturn for Jupiter in the first place.

The petite, periwinkle planet on her arm is the latest addition to Cyrus’ already large collection of body art, which includes a quote from an iconic speech by Theodore Roosevelt she had inscribed on herself in 2012. The pop star’s on-again love, Liam Hemsworth, got a matching tattoo on the inside of his bicep that same year.

In script identical to Cyrus’, Hemsworth’s stamp says, “If he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.” It’s the line immediately preceding the one Cyrus chose from Roosevelt’s famous oration, in which the 26th POTUS urged Americans to live life to the fullest.

As Us Weekly previously reported, Hemsworth, 26, originally asked for Cyrus’ hand in marriage in June 2012 after three years of dating. They called off the engagement and split in September 2013, but remained friends.

The pair rekindled their romance after Cyrus visited the Hunger Games actor in his native Australia this past New Year’s Eve. While the couple aren’t engaged again, a source tells Us that Cyrus "wants a summer wedding," and that her mother, Tish, is helping her plan the vows.

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