New York City–Based Siblings Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski Killed in Brussels Attacks

New York City-based siblings Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski were killed in the Brussels attacks. Credit:

At least two Americans were killed in this week’s terror attacks in Brussels, it was announced on Friday, March 25.

New York City–based siblings Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski’s family confirmed to CBS News that they were killed shortly after arriving at Brussels Airport on Tuesday, March 22.

“We received confirmation this morning from Belgian Authorities and the Dutch Embassy of the positive identification of the remains of Alexander and Sascha,” the family said in a statement. “We are grateful to have closure on this tragic situation, and are thankful for the thoughts and prayers from all.”

The brother and sister, who were originally Dutch citizens, were first reported missing on Tuesday, when they were on the phone with their mother, who heard an explosion shortly before their call was disconnected, according to the New York Daily News.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Belgian leaders on Friday to offer condolences following the devastating attacks that left at least 31 people dead and hundreds injured.

“The United States is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those cruelly taken from us, including Americans, and for the many who were injured in these despicable attacks.” he said in a news conference. “The United States stands firmly with Belgium and with the nations of Europe in the face of this tragedy. We will continue to provide any assistance necessary in investigating these heinous acts of terrorism and bringing those responsible to justice.”

Two other Americans, Justin and Stephanie Shults, were also reported missing. The Kentucky couple have not been heard from since the attacks, NBC News reported.

Earlier this week, ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly explosions at Brussels Airport in Zaventem and a subway stop at the Maalbeek metro station.

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