Paris Hilton Off Probation in Vegas Drug Case

Credit: Chris Weeks/

Paris Hilton's off the hook!

After paying a fine, attending drug counseling sessions and performing community service, the 30-year-old heiress has met the terms of her probation. (In Aug. 2010, Hilton and then-boyfriend Cy Waits were busted at a traffic stop in Las Vegas; she pled guilty to cocaine possession, and Waits was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana.)

As reported by the Las Vegas Sun, Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure formally closed Hilton's case in a Las Vegas courtroom Tuesday morning.

"We ask that her informal probation be terminated honorably and the case be closed at this time," Hilton's attorney Richard Schonfeld said during Tuesday's hearing.

Deputy District Attorney Priyanka Sedlock also agreed that Hilton had met the conditions of her probation. "She has stayed out of trouble, so the state has no problem," Sedlock said.

Although her probation called for 200 hours of community service, Hilton performed 228 hours, which included painting out graffiti in L.A. and working with an animal foundation in Las Vegas.