PIC: Kelly Osbourne Gets Black Eye on Airplane, Slams Delta Airlines

Kelly shows off her black eye Credit: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne didn't love her recent Delta Airlines flight -- and she's got a shiner to prove it.

On Friday, the E! Fashion Police star, 27, tweeted a play-by-play from her flight to Los Angeles, in which the passenger sitting in front of her apparently knocked Osbourne in the forehead after abruptly reclining her seat.

"Really? The assh--- in front of me almost knocked me out putting her seat back Might get a black eye," Osbourne ranted. "I'm going to kick her seat all the way to LA."

"Why is it that when you hit your forehead you get a black eye?" she then wondered. And the offending party wasn't exactly apologetic, Osbourne claimed.

"After kicking her seat [from] giving me a black she confronted me and laughed at the fact she gave me a black eye!" she complained. "What a ?#EuroTrashC---."

After apparently landing, Osbourne shared photographic evidence of her injury -- and slammed Delta. "Thank you so much Delta 4 this wonderful black eye Fix your fucking seats Getting smashed in the face w/ a tv is so fun."

She added angrily, "Oi @delta f--k you!"

One saving gracing during the altercation? Her flight attendant.

"Regardless to how s--t @delta is the stewardess really looked after me! She was amazing!"