Sting Sings Ringtones With Jimmy Fallon, Records Voicemail Message for Fan

Now that's cool! Sting was a studio guest on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Thursday, Oct. 16, and as part of a cellphone segment the former Police singer left an outgoing voicemail message for an audience member to the tune of "Message in a Bottle."

The yoga-loving musician first agreed to partake in Fallon's singing ringtone sketch (dubbed Stingtones in honor of his special guest) where the British singer had to recreate the sounds of well-known ringtones in a more melodic fashion.

Working his magic on the sharp-sounding digital melodies, Fallon commented that Sting's version of one of the tones actually sounded like a Police song.

"It does sound like a Police song, my lawyers will be on it," the "Englishman In New York" singer joked. "I could make a fortune."

“You could make all your money on Stingtones, that's the best," said Fallon, laughing.

"I'll give you a cut, don't worry," replied Sting.

But while Sting's harmonious ringtones were fun to watch, the coolest moment was when Fallon picked a random audience member and got the Grammy-winner to record him an outgoing voicemail message.

Watch the video above to see the awesome message Sting came up with!