5 Things You Don't Know About Royal Dress Contender Phillipa Lepley

The Daily Mail recently reported that Kate Middleton's wedding dress consists of "ivory satin and lace with a pearl button detail and a three-meter train" and is being kept on secure lock at Clarence House. So which designer in the royal running could be behind the oh-so-secret gown? One guess is Phillipa Lepley, a London-based custom bridal designer. Here's what you need to know about her:

1. Her details put her above the rest. One design element that makes Lepley stand out is her keen eye for exquisite embellishments and romanticism.

2. She does bridal; just bridal. Lepley is the only designer who's been rumored to be in the royal-dress running who has a bridal-only focus. The rest of the designers have ready-to-wear collections.

3. Her gowns will cost you a pretty penny. The custom-made wedding dresses start at 5,000 GBP, which converts to $10,000 USD. The process requires seven or more fittings.

4. She has designed for celebs before. British based celebrities like actress and TV personality Davina McCall and Swedish-born TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson both wore gowns by Lepley on their wedding days.

5. She's a Brit, too. Lepley grew up in Nottinghamshire and studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion. She opened her first shop in London in 1990.