Harrison Ford, 71, Shows Off His Pierced Ear at Oscars 2014: Picture

Celebrity Style Mar. 2, 2014 AT 10:05PM
Harrison Ford Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Harrison Ford is just like Us -- or, er, our embarrassing dads. Presenting clips from three of the nine nominated films in the Best Picture category at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, the 71-year-old entered the stage inside L.A.'s Dolby Theatre as the Star Wars theme played. And Calista Flockhart's hubby looked natty in a tuxedo, tousled hair, and an unmistakable accessory: a silver hoop earring on his left earlobe.

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The bling, of course, isn't new. The Indiana Jones star famously got his ear pierced on his 55th birthday at a Clair's Accessories with his then-wife Melissa Mathison. The AARP-card-carrying hunk then cajoled Jimmy Fallon to get pierced -- on live TV!

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"Because he's one of the coolest people in history and I want to be like him, I've asked Harrison Ford to pierce my ear," Fallon, 39, told the audience. "I've never had my ear pierced. I'm very scared for this."

Ford then did the honors, hilariously, using a piercing gun to give Fallon a long, jeweled red feather 'do sharing the results on Instagram. "Harrison Ford pierced my ear on our show tonight. #ThereWillBeBlood," he wrote. 

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Tell Us: Is Harrison's earring cute or silly?

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