Isaac Mizrahi: Michelle Obama Looked "Exquisitely Beautiful" in My Dress

Celebrity Style Jan. 29, 2010 AT 1:25PM
Isaac Mizrahi: Michelle Obama Looked "Exquisitely Beautiful" in My Dress Credit: Ron Sachs/

Forget the State of the Union address. For one designer, the president's Wednesday night speech was all about Michelle Obama's State of the Union dress!

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi took to his video blog to rave about the "exquisitely beautiful" First Lady -- who happened to be wearing one of his frocks.

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"She looked beautiful last night," Mizrahi said while holding up a photo of the raisin-colored long-sleeved dress. "It was the right dress at the right moment, which is what fashion is all about."

The New York City-based designer -- who said he "managed to casually bring up the State of the Union address about seventeen times and Mrs. Obama about eighteen times" at the gym earlier that day -- went on to recount the dress' positive reviews.

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"It was like the politics of the clothes," he said. "She was saying, 'Not left, not right.' It was kind of like a bipartisan dress. George Stephanopoulos said how interesting it was that she was in a kind of purple-y color, which is a blend of red and blue. Love that."

Mizrahi also admired her choice in picking a "plain and elegant" outfit that she could "roll up the sleeves and get to work" in.

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"All that from some silk and some knit!" he said.

It wasn't just his creation he was pleased with while watching the State of the Union.

"Forget the dress, the new bob is divine," he said of Obama's sleek hairstyle, which she debuted earlier this month.

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