Did Nike and Starbucks Just Collaborate on a Coffee-Themed Sneaker?

That’s hot! The internet is abuzz about a collaboration with two unlikely megahouses: Starbucks and Nike. 

Several sites, including GQ and The Boombox, have posted about the Nike SB Dunk Low Coffee Lovers, brown low-top sneakers with white and green accents that are very similar to your favorite paper cup. But the world shouldn’t be surprised: GQ noted that both companies are based in the Northwest. Starbucks’ headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, and Nike was born in Portland, Oregon.

The Coffee Lovers feature canvas uppers splattered with swirls (milk and coffee, anyone?), and the brand’s signature swoosh, in white, is outlined with green. For the price of about 24 grande skinny vanilla lattes, the kicks can be yours for $100 on thepremierstore.com.

While this collection hasn’t been confirmed by either brand just yet, there has already been one unbelievable release that’s the real deal. In March, Nike unveiled their adaptive-lacing sneakers, inspired by Back to the Future. The HyperAdapt 1.0’s laces, which will hit shelves in time for the holiday season, can adjust to your foot as you move.

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